Delivery Deadline

“When will I receive my purchase?”

Our deadline is 3 business days from the order approval date, which can be up to (1) one business day for credit card payments or up to (2) business days for deposit payment banking.

Even though we work hard to ensure your delivery as quickly as possible, some exceptional situations can cause delivery delays, such as the indication of a wrong, incomplete or non-existent address, or even the occurrence of fortuitous event or force majeure , whether these factors are natural (rain, floods, snow, earthquakes) or human (accidents). In these cases, Maria Fernanda will do its best to keep you informed about the problem that caused the delay, in order to make the delivery in the shortest possible time.

We may send you emails, SMS or WhatsApp messages to inform you of any changes in the status of your delivery, as well as the departure of products from our store, displacement, estimated delivery time, any delays, among others.

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